The Parenting Coach you have always needed!

The Parenting Coach you have always needed! 150 150 Jane Evans

Why THE Parenting Coach?

Because I want to be clear that I am THE Parenting Coach you need! Saving you the pain of wasting any more of your child’s precious development with things that, at best don’t work for them, or you. At worst, cause them, and your relationship with them, distress, disconnection, and even harm.

If you are finding any area of your child’s behaviour confusing, challenging or concerning, don’t wait for ever. After all, it has been profoundly proven that babies and young children’s brains develop rapidly. Change is always possible later on, as brain cell connections can be rewired, but why wait as it will get harder as you and your child get older.

Harvard University Center on the developing child – Experiences build brain architecture.

What will NOT help your child
  1. Reward systems of ANY kind
  2. Consequences of ANY kind
  3. Praise (there is one kind that is OK – phew!)

Although these may be tempting as they seem simple and easy to follow, and the internet is rammed full of them, let alone social media! They will not bring you the life-long relationship you want with your child, and will teach them that love is conditional.

What is so special about Jane Evans?

Everything I do, say, offer and provide is founded in current, up to date neuroscience, and research.

I don’t make this stuff up.

Ask my anything about a child, being a parent and the challenges you face and I can track it back to something organic and not random.

I pitch up with a passion and integrity to support change for you and your child backed by a solid proven history of bringing real change to other families.

After 27 years either parenting or caring for other people’s children, and also supporting those who do too. I have heaps of experience and plenty of opportunities, and time, to try, test and evolve my approaches, understanding and applied knowledge.

This is what I bring to you, your children, your family…

“You impact our lives positively EVERY SINGLE DAY! You opened my eyes to what I couldn’t see and even on the bad days I feel more guided than before I worked with you. Life ‘after Jane’ is so much better.”

Parent of two children

Still wavering?

I work with young adults who are at University or beginning their careers, who are still brought down by anxiety, depression and crippling self-doubt. Their parent’s believed that time would work it’s magic, and they’d ‘grow out of it.’

In reality, although full of potential, these young people continue to be pulled down by long term anxiety and limiting beliefs which block them from the lives they know they want.

Let’s talk…

If you are ready to act, let’s create a free 20 minute conversation to identify what you want to change and the possibilities this will offer you and your child.


Text: UK 07455281247

Facebook: Parenting Children Beyond Anxiety 


Watch me talking about why bribery is not the best thing for any child in the short or long term!

“Jane made me see what I thought was my daughter’s anger, frustration and general difficult/bad behaviour for what it is severe anxiety.

In just a couple of weeks my daughter’s behaviour has really settled and I can see far more of the wonderful witty and affectionate girl she is, again. Thank you Jane, thank you so much.”

Parent of two children, one with complex needs.


Jane Evans

Jane is a ‘learn the hard way’ person. She has learnt from her personal experiences and her direct work with people who have often been in really bad places emotionally, relationally, practically and sometimes professionally.

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