The Lasting Life Change Coach

Are YOU ready for change?

If you are keen to evolve in any area of your life, as an entrepreneur, a coach, in your career, or as a leader it’s likely: you have your work cut out juggling a range of challenges, stressors, personal road-blocks, and people!

Very rewarding when things go right, but not when you’re firefighting and problem solving all day, as it can be demanding, exhausting and sometimes… downright frustrating.

Ready to be free to navigate anything life throws in your path so your goals become realities now?

Prepared to experience a lasting shift in your internal and external daily habits?

Open to having permanent new limitless beliefs and thinking to live the life you always imagined?

Let’s create your life of purpose, productivity, focus, inner confidence, calm competence, good health and energy.

 “The energy I’ve got in my head every single day is lighter and freer because I am not dragged down thinking about those things anymore.”

What to expect?

Together we’ll use science–based, proven strategies solutions for your lasting life changes.

You may have tried other coaches, along with a range of popular techniques such as NLP, mindfulness, affirmations, CBT- based talking therapies, standing on one leg with you finger in your ear saying, ‘I am amazing 25 times, 3 times a day…’

Maybe they helped for a while, but now you are truly ready for the permanent change in your:

Business and career success and fulfilment

Stress and anxiety levels

Relationships with your clients, child, life-partner, clients, colleagues, family and friends

Emotional, mental and physical energy, health and balance

Self-belief, focus, confidence, productivity and performance in all areas of your life

Together we will use science-based tools including:

Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC) to produce lasting behavioural and belief changes which will offer you new habits, behaviours and thinking

Accessible, practical strategies and techniques to use anywhere, anytime to ground, focus and calm your mind

Powerful therapeutic grade essential oils to intelligently support your life focus and goals

Insights into the science behind how your brain and body work so you can intentionally adjust them to work powerfully for, rather than against you.