Parenting Beyond Anxiety to Peaceful Connection Programme

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It’s the start of another day. You tip toe in to wake your child up, they smile sleepily,

“Hi Mum, what day is it?”

You take a moment to sit and stroke the hair off their forehead, “Tuesday.”

They yawn and stretch, “Cool, I’ve got drama today so it’s my favourtie day already!”

Chatting briefly together, you feel so grateful for the trust and love between you and the gentle way you slip into a new day together.

No, this is not a dream, this can be your reality. Even though being a parent is a real challenge these days especially when your child is veering off your expected path onto one filled with anxiety, resistance, melt downs and so much more. Causing you sleepless nights and constant worry.

As, after all, they say you can only be as happy as your unhappiest child. 

Maybe you’ve been feeling…

1. You’ve failed as a parent and don’t know how to make things better

2. Sad you do nothing but get stressed out with your child

3. Worried and concerned for your child’s future and wellbeing

4. Stressed and resentful at the ongoing tension, at home and the friction it causes

5. Frustrated that their school work is dropping and they don’t seem to be able to realise or care

6. There’s something wrong with your child and it may be too late to save them

7. At a loss to know where to get the help you so desperately need

At some point every parent secretly feels they’ve messed up, whether they say it or not. No one hands you a handbook at the hospital so mishaps are inevitable. This programme will give you a safe space to see how and where you go from here, and your very own personalised resources and tools! So you can tap into some sense of peace around your parenting (at last) and come away knowing why and how you will always will be your child’s greatest resource.

I'm ready for this to change

Fortunately, the Parenting Beyond Anxiety to Peaceful Connection Programme has been specifically created by the highly knowledgeable and experienced international parenting expert, Jane Evans, drawing on her 25 years helping parents get their children’s lives back on track.

This practical, down to earth and insightful 6 week programme has been specifically designed to give you the time and space to press pause, step out of the drama, and get invaluable insights into your child’s mysterious mind and behavior.

After all, no-one just ‘knows’ how to parent and the manual has yet to be located down the back of anyone’s sofa! So this programme IS the closest you will ever get to it.

It includes a step by step guide to using the unique neuroscience-friendly 5 C’s System so you work with rather than against your child’s natural brain function.

On this carefully crafted programme you will get real interaction on live webinars and have your questions and challenges addressed.

Useful, easy to use information you’ll keep forever with a wide range of handouts and posters, to turn to again and again.

Options to be part of additional small case study Q & A webinars to focus in on your specific needs and get tailor made strategies to draw on.

There are even, further options to build a set of resources and to work with me on a bespoke one to one basis.

Check out the level you want to come in at…

Decide how much direct interaction you want…

Don’t hesitate too long

I’m determined to keep our sessions personal and of real value

So I’m only releasing a few places for this intake!

Webinars start early October 2019 to late November 2019 so you get to start 2020 in a VERY different way as a parent and as a family.

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