The Lasting Life Change Coach

Are you ready to stop making excuses and start creating change?

As The Lasting Life Change Coach I work with you to identify and anchor essential lasting life changes.

What can you expect from working with me?

Change, shift, results!

We get clear about what is blocking you and work together to:

Get rid of poor focus, distractibility or procrastination to boost your productivity

Build a solid foundation of self-worth and belief that will make you unstoppable

Ensure you become a calm, emotionally available parent full of confidence in your child’s abilities and potential

Create a healthy relationship with money so you can easily ask for, and get, what you know you are worth

Remove unhealthy coping strategies such as over or under eating, drinking too much, excessive shopping, work addiction, and so much more

Tackle anxiety to boost your mental and physical well-being and overall contentment with life

How Can I Help?

I take cutting-edge complex science and research on what lies behind having lasting life change. I combine it with years of direct experience and make it available for your transformation. This means you can confidently create change in any area of your life and understand exactly how and why it will work for you.

Lasting Life Changes You Can Create


Increased focus, productivity and clarity.


Confidence in your knowledge skills and expertise.


Knowing you are able to create a solid income.


Lasting, harmonious professional and personal relationships.


Balanced stress, physical wellbeing and good mental health.


To be the calm, connected, patient parent you planned to be.

How long are you prepared to wait for these changes?

Let’s talk about what you want right now

Why Me?

Find out what lies behind The Lasting Life Change Coach

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