Jane Evans

Internationally Renowned TEDxSpeaker

What do you want for your audience? Are you fed up with speakers who have a regular keynote they churn out with out truly connecting with your message and needs? Or keynotes that fail to energise and ignite your participants into taking action?

Then, you need me! I deliver. I will inspire, inform and motivate your audience to think, act and behave differently. With bespoke, thought-provoking keynotes on what makes us sick, why it stems from childhood experiences and what everyone can do to turn it around right now!

My approach is passionate, engaging, informed and innovative. You can rest assured that I have done my homework and will craft what you know you need by collaborating closely with you. Which means you get the messages and actions you want, delivered to the heart of your audience.

By making the cutting-edge brain and body science behind how we physically and mentally tick easily accessible and truly memorable. My keynotes give participants a clear view of how to be less stressed and more productive, in and out of work. Whilst also enjoying better mental and physical health. My insights motivate everyone to get on with creating optimum health and performance by using simple, yet innovative techniques throughout the day.

Check out my renowned TEDxBristol talk on anxiety, see how I make the complexities behind it something we can all relate to. Discover how my famous meerkat, elephant and monkey brain model which is shared around the globe came to be and how as it strikes a chord with us all, allowing us to tame and tend our own meerkat brains!

 “Had a mind blowing day with Jane Evans. You made me think about everything so differently.”
Delegate at 2018 Conference on Wellbeing in the workforce”