Why Me?

How will my journey benefit you?

After years of working at the sharp end of things with those facing domestic violence, mental illness, family breakdown, addictions, with long histories of trauma and abuse. I was always fire-fighting with little time to reflect but boy oh boy did I learn and grow from it all!

A lack of funding led to my redundancy. Once I got through it, I set myself several BIG goals…

Run a successful business, deliver a TED Talk, get my messages on to TV, travel the world speaking and training, write and publish children’s books.

I’m delighted to say I’ve done them all, and more, but only because I permanently changed my thinking, beliefs and behaviours.

Working with me, you get all the benefits of my direct experiences, plus the huge volume of scientific findings and research on optimum brain development and functioning I have devoured.

I have walked the ‘lasting life change’ walk.

Transforming from being shy, stressed and scared, to going head to head live on TV with Piers Morgan and others. Calmly, confidently and competently holding my own, and sharing my expertise, whilst challenging the norm.

What changes do you want?

Increased focus, productivity, clarity and confidence in your knowledge skills and expertise.

A better income with more security.

More easy going, harmonious professional and personal relationships.

Better stress management and mental wellbeing.

To be the calm, connected, patient parent you planned to be.

How long are you prepared to wait for these changes?