The Life Change Parent

Are YOU ready to change so you create change for your children too?

As the parent to an outstanding human being who has lived through way more than his fair share of suffering and challenges. I bring all he has taught me about courage and determination, into my work.

Raising my son I learned (the hard way) that it is always the relationship that matters most, not managing or controlling the behaviours.

By building a respectful, unconditional relationship, you give your child a road map for creating great ones too. And you provide them with an anchor for life’s stresses and challenges.

The 100’s of parents, children and young people I have cared for and coached over many years, have given me a depth of knowledge to add to the tools, techniques, insights and results I bring to you. Which means you will get information, support and changes which are tried and tested and founded in neuroscience.

Offering you opportunities to understand and work with the way your child’s brain is developing, rather than against it! To be fully equipped with up-to-date strategies that aren’t just recycled versions of traditional old reward, consequence and praise.

 “You impact our lives positively EVERY SINGLE DAY! You opened my eyes to what I couldn’t see and even on the bad days I feel more guided than before I worked with you. Life ‘after Jane’ is so much better.”

Childhood is short so of course, you want to get it right and make life easier for your child and for you.

Raising children is not something to leave to chance, so we won’t! We will use up to date science because your children and your relationship with them deserves THE best.

If I haven’t made the same mistakes as you (trust me I will have), then I will have worked with someone who has and I will have enabled them to move well beyond them.