What keeps you swimming back to self-destruct?

What keeps you swimming back to self-destruct? 150 150 Jane Evans

Do you keep drowning your health, happiness and success in a pool of self-sabotage?

Whilst rescuing bees from the pool where I am staying in Australia, (yep honestly I am, one bee at a time!) I had time to reflect on how it reminded me of my old self-destructive habits, the ones I fully knew were harmful yet found excuses to cling onto.

Saving the bees from an otherwise watery death, I soon saw that several of them dried off, then headed determinedly back to the pool! It was a real AHA moment as I realised that is how many of us live our lives. We determinedly set out to change limiting habits, beliefs and behaviours but very often with little lasting impact.

Do we have to continue to live in this self-defeating, destructive way?


I no longer do and neither should you…

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Jane Evans

Jane is a ‘learn the hard way’ person. She has learnt from her personal experiences and her direct work with people who have often been in really bad places emotionally, relationally, practically and sometimes professionally.

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