Coaching creates and nurtures connection

Coaching creates and nurtures connection 150 150 Jane Evans

Craving a coach!

Having been self-employed for around 4 years and going from strength to strength through sheer dogged determination and by going down more dead end roads than should be allowed, I reached a place when every fibre of my being screamed “you need a coach!” It didn’t happen right away, patience being something I have had to learn, as in to ‘sit with’ a variety of things, not my favourite thing! However, I had learned by then that it more often did ‘deliver’ the right person or thing so I tried to make friends with it!!

Begrudgingly ‘good enough’

Sure enough, eventually, Devon Bandison, who I am proud to say is now my coach, came in to my life. In one of our first sessions he challenged me, after I had been talking at length about something to say, “I am good enough”…..silence. In the blink of an eye I was silent, floored and stunned in to silence. We sat like that for sometime. Eventually, begrudgingly, I said, or rather mumbled it, boy did I resent it! Fast forward a few months and he is supporting me to deliver my first TEDxBristol Talk on Anxiety!

It turned out to be such a defining moment in my onward journey both professionally and personally its hard to put it in to words. Suffice to say I now have the word ‘enough’ tattooed on my left hand so I can glimpse it in moments of self-doubt, which are few and far between these days. Ever since then I have worked hard with Devon my coach and I can honestly say I would not be where I am without his input. All to often in life we lose focus and become lost and overwhelmed. Everything can change though if we find someone to pull out the very best from us and hold our often faulty belief system up to the light every now and again.


My own journey in to coaching has been an interesting one in that I have been doing it for a very long time in a variety of forms with the hundreds of people I have had the privilege to work with but without holding it up to the light. Since working with Devon that has changed, I see the value of what I do in transforming lives both professionally and personally so those I support can access the life they dreamed of because of their commitment and sheer hard work with me.

Jane Evans

Jane is a ‘learn the hard way’ person. She has learnt from her personal experiences and her direct work with people who have often been in really bad places emotionally, relationally, practically and sometimes professionally.

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