Can you be rid of exam stress?

Can you be rid of exam stress? 150 150 Jane Evans

You are it!

You really matter during the build up to exam time and when they actually happen! However your youngsters might react to you, they truly need you to have their backs 100% of time by feeling safe, solid and full of empathy.

If you are worried about it all WATCH THIS 2 minute video

Exam Prep Tips for Parents and Carers

1. Take care of yourself!

2. Try to hold back on “have you done” “why don’t you”

3. Spend time just checking in with how they are emotionally

4. Leave them thoughtful treats for when they come in

5. Prepare a healthy balance of food – stuff they like but veggies etc. too

6. Don’t nag about drinking water, but take them some now and again

7. Trust and believe, truly and deeply that they will be fine

8. LISTEN rather than jump in with advice or correction (YES, I know that is REALLY hard!)

Exams are pressure!

Are you and your child starting to freak out from the sheer pressure of what is to come? (WATCH THIS)

Maybe they’ve been doing well, and school everyone is clear that they are are ‘very able.’

But secretly, you still fear your youngster’s stress, feelings of overwhelm and self-sabotage could ruin it all.

Thankfully, they ARE revising and school progress shows they’re on track for the grades they want. Yet you hear them repeatedly fretting, doubting themselves and getting angry and upset if you try to reassure them or bring a touch of reality to it.

Stress levels are mounting for them, and for you!

They are increasingly experiencing minor illnesses, aches and pains, poor sleep, eating erratically and unhealthily. At times they study far too much, at others they are glued to their screens or going out too often.

Do you feel you are running out of ways to support them?

What if I tell you that the negative, critical, often irrational thinking they have, could be uninstalled. Replaced by when they choose new affirming, solid thinking and beliefs installed, for good. They are in control of it and the results are lasting!

Would you jump at this for them?
My Coaching enables lasting change which can set your child free to fulfill their potential and their dreams. They will be more able to settle, focus, remember and hold an inner calmness whilst feeling confident that they can and will deliver. Most importantly, they can create lasting beliefs that they will come out of it all feeling safe and well. 

Sound good?

Contact me today for a no-cost, nothing-to-lose conversation with you, or your teenage child about my tailor-made exam revision programme. 

Feel free to share this 3 minute video with your teenager so they can find out more about having lasting change. 

The Lasting Life Change Exam Revision Programme

Coaching Session One: Clarity and realignment session to identify current negative thoughts and beliefs, barriers, worries and challenges  they want and need to change.

E.g. I can’t do this. I will forget everything in the exams. I will fail. I can’t remember anything. I am stupid. I’m too anxious to do well. I am scared. I always do rubbish at…

Coaching Session Two: Using Quantum Energy Coaching to create new lasting thinking and beliefs to enhance focus and the ability to retain information when studying for exams.

E.g. replacing self-doubt and negative pattern of self-sabotage
Coaching Session Three: Using Quantum Energy Coaching to create new lasting thinking and beliefs about trusting their knowledge, hard work and abilities to succeed and deliver in exams.

E.g. new permanent beliefs about being able to focus, absorb, understand and recall information when revising
Coaching Session Four: Using Quantum Energy Coaching to create new lasting thinking and beliefs to create calmness, confidence and competence for sitting tests and exams.

E.g. believing and being able to get calm, centred and focused in the exams so the information and answers are easily accessible and flow onto the pages.

If you want to set your child up for a better, easier more effective exam experience that will serve them now and for all future exam situations…Contact me today for details

Places are limited

Sessions can be done face to face or online

Jane Evans

Jane is a ‘learn the hard way’ person. She has learnt from her personal experiences and her direct work with people who have often been in really bad places emotionally, relationally, practically and sometimes professionally.

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